Who We Are

MCON GROUP is the culmination of 20 years of business activity in the IT infrastructure, software application, and creative industries, focused on serving the automotive industry with particular competence in marketing, sales, and after-sales. It further addresses the needs of the professional services industry, finance, and telecommunications.

With origins in Europe, the group has pursued an emerging markets strategy in recent years, bringing global standards to OEMs around the world. MCON and CRM Factory make up the global group in 2011, which includes a partnership with incadea Asia-Pacific.


MCON delivers underlying IT infrastructure services – e.g. support operations, application, and website hosting as well as IT business consulting. CRM Factory is focused on business and IT consulting, implementation and development, and business intelligence, mainly in the area of CRM (customer relationship management), but also in e-business, the web, and other related fields. The two brands in synergy provide a broad spectrum of services, particularly for the automotive industry. Incadea focuses on providing DMS solutions and the end-to-end implementation of DMS.

The MCON GROUP’s focus currently lies on 3 continents in 14 countries:


Australia, Austria, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, the Republic of Korea, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The group currently offers a 360 degree portfolio as a single source supplier for business consulting and strategy, linking them with IT implementations, business intelligence, and IT infrastructure and hosting, all backed up by 24/7, follow-the-sun support operations.

For example, MCON GROUP may assist an automotive enterprise in laying a foundational, thorough CRM strategy; derive CRM master processes to the specific needs of the market; plan, build, and run the necessary systems and underlying IT infrastructure to enable relevant contents and communication to reach the company’s targets; and support those systems and their users around the clock. Our experience working with numerous creative agencies puts us in a unique position to assure proper content delivery. We speak the language, and we can provide the necessary training for IT systems as well as the related soft skills.

In other areas, we consult marketing and business key-users and present fitting IT solutions for their current and future requirements. Whether it is an application, an intranet solution, a marketing website, or automotive plant rollout project management, we can deliver the necessary people and results to fulfill all requirements. Regardless of whether it is related to software, hardware, infrastructure, or ensuring high availability and performance with a thorough monitoring solution, interactive, business drill-through dashboards – from the business process to your IT systems and their current health condition – we provide transparency to management at any level.