CRM Health Check

Challenge & Objective

Perform a holistic analysis of current business processes that serves to define an AS-IS status in the areas of sales, CRM and IT. Introduce CRM to all business units, as a concept and culture to learn about current pain points and potential solutions from customer perspective. Define a CRM roadmap including quick wins and suggested implementation phases for the next years.

MCON Contribution

  • Review existing organizational, business process and IT landscape documents
  • Execute as-is workshops and interviews with all departments and stakeholders
  • Create process document of all AS-IS processed in MPM matrix
  • Execute to-be workshop to define future CRM needs
  • Create to-be processes based on CRM needs
  • Define IT landscape based on to-be processes
  • Evaluate multiple CRM providers to select future CRM system based on identified demand


Project Benefits

  • AS-IS process documentation
  • Processes are mapped to existing IT landscape
  • CRM Roadmap is defined based on several phases through the next 3 years
  • CRM implementation phase kick-off material is ready


France based FMCG

Methodology & Technology

Business Analysis and stakeholder interviews by CRM Consultants

Project Duration

3 month with 3-4 consultants

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