Smart Showroom

Challenge & Objective

The smart retail solution brings customers to the showroom and increases conversion by enabling highly personalized offers leveraging interests and preferences gathered from the user both online and offline. Recognizing visitors when they arrive, the showroom acts as a website tailoring digital content to the visitors desire and tracking what visitors do once there.

MCON Contribution

  • Provide the Sales/Service Advisor App which shows position and activity of visitors/customers and adds previous online activities, connecting the tracking backend of the showroom with the media broadcasting devices.
  • Definition and implementation of the individualized customer scoring model.
  • Provision of the backend data analysis which allows benchmarking of all of the data collected at various Digital * Showrooms, events, etc. and enables NBA, NBP, and NBO.

Smart Showroom

Smart Showroom

Project Benefits

  • Customer data collection via digital channels
  • Lead CRM system data enrichment
  • Gamification of customer interaction via preferred communication channel
  • Increase of lead generation


German Automotive Premium OEM

Methodology & Technology

Agile Software Development, Data Mining based on tracking data

Project Duration

6 months with Consulting/Development Team (8 people)

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