On 19 July 2017, MCON attended the SAP Hybris Partner Session in Shanghai. In this event, we got first-hand insights on industry trends in CRM, e-commerce and marketing, with focus on the digital transformation delivered using the SAP Hybris portfolio. Thanks to our past experience and achievements with SAP’s Hybris Cloud CRM solution, MCON is well positioned for future expansion in this area.

SAP Hybris Cloud Product Portfolio

Hybris is SAP’s leading product line of cloud-based solutions, covering CRM (sales and service), e-commerce and marketing. As Frank Zhang, GM of SAP Hybris Greater China, stated in the event: “Cloud-first is [SAP’s] company strategy.” By leading the industry with its cloud-first Hybris products, SAP helps companies to lower their IT costs, achieve a higher agility and a faster go to market capability than with traditional enterprise software. Moreover, with SAP’s proprietary in-memory database technology HANA, Hybris products can make full use of big data analysis and machine learning capabilities. At the core of the SAP Hybris portfolio, one product is the central focus on SAP’s cloud efforts: Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C). This cloud-based CRM solution launched in 2012 offers a single platform to unify CRM processes across company’s departments, business roles, sales channels and devices. Importantly, SAP’s local data center in China provides a reliable solution for businesses operating in China, with fast access speeds and full compliance with Chinese cybersecurity regulations. Being part of the SAP ecosystem, C4C can be smoothly integrated with other SAP products such as SAP ERP or CRM, thus dramatically lowering integration costs for customers with their existing SAP systems.

MCON’s Expertise with SAP Hybris in China

SAP Hybris C4C customers in China

MCON is one of the earliest implementation partners for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer in China. To date, we already completed 2 successful implementation phases for Sinodis, a Top-3 foreign owned fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in China. Sinodis’ C4C implementation contains a rich set of functions and processes for sales and marketing teams, including customer 360 view, lead and prospect management, promotion management and distributor management. Integrations with the ERP system allow users to access sales orders, product and inventory status and synchronize customer segmentations. Currently, a further Phase 3 implementation is nearing completion, including functionality for customer visits execution, online sales quotation creation, retail trade promotion life-cycle management, an approval workflow module and customer contract management. Interactive reports and dashboards will be integrated throughout the system to give users the right insights at the right time.

Digital Transformation Continues with SAP and MCON

At MCON, our strengths are both in the FMCG/Retail and Automotive industries. In both industries, SAP is bringing more innovations into the market, which we plan to fully utilize for our clients. For Retail, SAP’s “perfect store” concept helps retailers to optimize and control their shelf and store layouts in order to maximize utilization and performance. These are achieved using automatic image recognition, 3D store layout mapping and shelf KPI scoring in Hybris C4C. Predictive Ordering in turns helps to alleviate out-of-stock situations in stores by analyzing multiple data signals using machine learning algorithms, combining retailer’s internal datasets with external data, such as demographic or social media which indicate wider trends in consumer behavior. In the automotive sphere, Hybris products are evolving to offer OEMs and dealer necessary tools to deliver value to customers across all touch points and engagement channels. What is important to note, SAP’s cloud products can not only super-charge existing B2B or B2C business models. They enable OEMs and dealer groups to implement new business models previously not fully leveraged, such as C2B and C2C. MCON is excited to help our clients explore and leverage the new possibilities.

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