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What are Enterprise Resource Planning & Dealer Management Systems?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an industry term for the broad set of activities that helps a business manage important aspects of its operations.

The information made available through an ERP system provides visibility for key performance indicators (KPIs) required for meeting corporate objectives.

ERP software applications can be used to manage product planning, parts purchasing, inventories, interacting with suppliers, providing customer service, and tracking orders.

ERP can also include application modules for the finance and human resources aspects of a business. An ERP system, typically is integrated or uses a relational database system.

A dealership management system (DMS) or auto dealership management system is a bundled management information system created specifically for automotive industry car dealerships or large equipment manufactures

CRM Factory’s view on ERP & DMS systems and processes

  • We build and offer solutions for powerful and securable financial management systems, supporting corporate processes for finance operations, governance, risk, and compliance management.
  • We have years of work experience with several different DMS systems. This experience regarding usability, processes and functions of DMS systems lead to the creation of our own development of a DMS system.
  • We believe that DMS systems must be easy to use and highly integrable into an existing company infrastructure.
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