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What is Web Apps & eCommerce?

Users demand easy to use, highly interactive, functionality-rich portals and applications.

They expect all applications (enterprise, Internet and desktop) to perform with the same level of responsiveness and interaction.

The software, standards and skills necessary to design and deliver highly interactive applications on enterprise platforms, across the Internet, the desktop and various other channels (mobile devices, kiosks, voice, etc.) have become a challenge for most companies.

At CRM Factory we deliver sophisticated web applications for corporations, bringing together disciplines from many different areas such as web design and development, cyber security, marketing and ecommerce.

A DWH is a data repository, which stores current as well as historical data, designed to support an organization’s decision making.

CRM Factory’s view on DWH & BI systems and processes

Our technical experts provide you with the necessary expertise to develop highly interactive business applications and portals. Our developers are particularly adept to working with UI designers to create the best possible user experience for portal applications.

Our expertise covers:

  • Software Architecture
  • Business Process Integration
  • Content Management
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Creative Website Design
  • Advanced CMS Implementation
  • CRM Integration
  • Web shop Integration
  • Multi-language Websites
  • Infrastructure and Hosting
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