During 2 exclusive evenings the Porsche Club China was released to the public. With the underlying Porsche Club platform that was developed by CRM Factory, members are able to benefit from a closed community, access to exclusive Porsche Events and enjoying special Porsche Club Member offers.

As an special highlight during the event, members who signed up during the two events received a special aluminum member card, made from the same material as the first Porsche, the famous Porsche 356. This was possible thanks to the efficient partnership between CRM Factory and Markju. Together we were able to provide an eye-catching Laser engraving machine at the Porsche booth, which personalized and laser engraved the Porsche Club China Member cards on the spot with a Limited edition number up to 356.

The launch was a great success for Porsche China as well as our team, which is working on this project from different CRM Factory locations in both China and Europe.