We have rolled out successfully the project in the customer’s pilot dealer in the beginning of August; the main objective of this project is to collect sales funnel information from the dealers using their DMS system and after a very “state of the art” classification analysis the data is presented in Qlikview dashboards via different KPIs.

The project runs locally at the dealers (Retail Solution) and at the wholesale (central solution) to give an overview of the sales process not only to the Sales Managers at retail but also to the Area managers at Regional Head Quarters.

The team working on this project is Dirk Friedrich who is the account manager, Hernan Leon who is the technical lead and project manager and Yoann Tournellec who is the BI developer expert.

Special thanks to Yoann who is doing a wonderful job not only from a development perspective but also from the design and architectural point of view. The plan now is to roll out the solution to all the Incadea DMS dealers from October onward and afterwards in phase 2 to include the solution for dealers which are using a different DMS system.